So Now I’m A “Car-Girl”

On my way to work this morning I drove past a 2015 flat black, dual exhaust Dodge Challenger. I drooled. I looked with lust. IT. WAS. GORGEOUS. Then it struck me. When did this happen? I don’t even like cars. I’ve never cared a bit about what car I was driving, and I am even less interested in how fast the newest Camaro can get from 0 to 60. Where did this attraction to a car come from? And why did it look so good in flat black when my favorite color is red and shiny?



Guess who loves flat black. Guess who loves muscle cars. Yeah. It’s Ron. He LOVES them. All through the years he has pointed out cars to me. I remember in the early years it was all gibberish. I couldn’t tell the difference between a Ford and a Chevy. Ron would say, “There’s an old Impala.” Or, “Look at that Chevelle!” And I remember thinking to myself, how am I ever going to remember any of this? They all looked the same!

Ron didn’t give up. Through the last 20 years, he has pointed out spoilers and rims and dual exhaust and big-block engines and fast backs.

I know what all those words mean now.

I was never going to be a “car girl.” I only know, understand, or begin to appreciate cars because I have spent so much time with a “car guy.” So, this morning while I was driving and rubber-necking on the way to work, God showed me a correlation.

I have said to you before that I think one of the greatest gifts God has given marriage is TIME. Time heals our hearts and wounds. Time affords us the opportunity to love more often than we mess up. Time gives us the blessing of faithful endurance through hard times which builds our trust. Time blesses us with the opportunity to build our mates self-esteem by sticking with each other through thick and thin. And, with time, we can learn each other’s ins and outs, loves and interests; and, eventually become well versed in all things Gas Monkey-esque.

I think marriage is one big object lesson and here is one very important one:

The longer I walk with Ron the more I like cars.

The longer I walk with Jesus, the more I like wisdom and love and patience and mercy.

I couldn’t help but absorb a love for muscle cars when I decided to partner up with a Forkey. If, early on, I had quit loving that Forkey—quit being interested in what interested him—we would’ve eventually grown apart and I wouldn’t have purred out loud at that sleek beast as it drove past me this morning.

It’s the same with our sweet Savior. If I am not interested in the things that interest the Lover of My Soul, our relationship won’t thrive and I won’t take on His nature. If I don’t work at the relationship, the relationship won’t produce in me godly character traits.

It’s that simple.

By virtue of years with Ron, I’ve become a “car girl.” May more days, weeks, and years with The Savior make us merciful, long-suffering, courageous, holy, loving, gentle, a friend of sinners, heroic, humble, steadfast, self-controlled, gospel-minded, little Christs.


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  1. I love your heart, Elizabeth. I too have absorbed my hubby’s interests. I never was a huge U2 fan or a rootbeer connoisseur–but more than 20 years married to my man, I am now.
    And, yeah. That is a beast of a cool car. 🙂

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