To My Prince

Yup. That’s the title I gave the poem I wrote back in 2000 (might have been 1999). I was only 19 or 20, and I wrote it for Ron when we were engaged. I framed it in a cheap wooden frame and puff painted glittery flowers all over the frame. My presentation was hideous, but this is still one of my favorite things the Lord has ever inspired me to write. It was my interpretation of the Love Chapter:image

Reading my poem again all these years later, I’m kindof gobsmacked. It’s almost prophetic how much we were going to need these qualities of true Love. It’s almost eerie/awesome that God was preparing us then for a bumpy road that would need a lot of grace and patience and kindess and well, you know, all the qualities of the Love Chapter. Here’s what flowed from my hopeless romantic, very naive heart:

To My Prince

My Father hath told me of the patience of pure love,
A virtue that is sought by very few.
The Spirit’s gift to each who persevere to rise above,
My dearest, I have found this gift in you.

Kindness is a prince that downward reaches
To the aid of hurting slave girl at his knee.
He lifts gently from the ashes and he teaches
The heart to sing for joy for it is free.

There is no envy found in one so blessedly content,
Looking only to his own, no trace of greed.
Filled to overflowing by the One the Father sent,
Abundantly supplied by God Who meets each need.

Not just in thy actions true, but also what you speak;
Boasting not, but always humble in thy word.
For, this kingdom’s lost to strength but tis given to the meek;
It is written, If I boast, I’ll boast only in the Lord.

The pride of life by all the world is highly sought;
By those who glory in the wisdom of the day.
But thou knowest humbleness and wisdom can’t be bought;
All earthly knowledge, by the Lord, is burnt as hay.

Thou art my sweet example of politeness,
To others never rude and always giving.
From thy childhood I see you’ve learned and kept this,
And our own dear babes will learn it from thy living.

Seeking not thy own, so often looking to my best,
Swift to lend thy aid in the sharing of thy life.
I praise the Lord for you, and I am sweetly blessed;
Such longing fills my heart as I can’t wait to be your wife.

There are times when in my humanness I falter,
And I come to you with burdens I’ve committed.
You so gently place my faults upon the alter,
Slow to anger, dear forgiveness, all’s omitted.

In truth we have secured a strong contentment;
Built on the Rock and not on impure things.
Delighting not in evil, but instead a pure commitment,
You give a precious comfort in the promise of this ring.

Through trials and deep valleys He hath brought us;
We’ve born all things for by Him we overcome.
Tis because He first o’ercame for us on His cross;
Though twas hard, I praise Him now for what He’s done.

If all on earth should doubt thy steadfast surety,
I shall stand by thee as thou hast stood by me.
To the end I shalt defend thy blessed purity,
For love believes all things, and all completely.

Though our hope is in the Lord and Him alone,
I believe that He is true and He is able
To keep thy foot from stumbling on the stones
That would hinder us and render us unstable.

Only in the crucible is found the worth of gold;
True silver’s always tested in the fire.
We must endure all things if we are to take hold;
Greatness only comes when we burn away the mire.

Oh my dearest, just as you so freely give
All your love to me, I pray that you will find
Through good and bad, as we together live,
Never failing thee, my love is that same kind.




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